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The history of Mazda stretches back over 90 years – a history of meeting challenge head-on and winning.In 1931 Mazda became the first manufactured of an entirely Japanese-made-three-wheel vehicle.

In 1962 we accepted another major challenge: the development and commercialization of the rotary engine. Our unique design for the internal combustion engine brought fresh thinking to the table and we succeeded where others failed. As a result, we introduced a whole series of rotary-engine vehicles beginning with the 1967 Cosmo Sport, now a sought-after classic.

Then came another challenge in the 70s – reinventing the lightweight sports car to meet new safety and environmental standards while maintaining the uniquely fun-to-drive, “Zoom-Zoom” characteristics. In 1989, we introduced the groundbreaking Mazda MX-5/Miata and has stayed in production ever since, introducing both a soft top and hard top version. The MX-5 won its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Best Selling Two-Seater Sports Car.

Further underlining Mazda’s sporting credentials came overall victory in the 1991 Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race with the rotary engine 787B. This was the first and only time for a Japanese manufacturer to take the laurels in this prestigious event, amply demonstrating that not only do we set out to win, we do it with our own unique technology. 

At Mazda, we have always blazed our own trail in our own way. Where others see limits, we see only a challenge as we create vehicles for people who love to celebrate driving. 


The essence of Mazda’s KODO: “Soul of Motion” design philosophy is to capture the very instant energy becomes motion and create designs that pursue forms which embody life in all its dynamism and beauty. We believe that such forms only come from the human hand and our skills and passion are directed at imbuing them with soul. This is why each design of ours starts with a block of clay. Artisans shape the clay until the ideal lines reveal themselves and only then do they collaborate with digital modelers. By combining traditional intricacies and life-changing technologies, we are able to breathe soul and personality into each car. 

Our designs are aimed to stimulate hidden emotions and awaken dormant sensibilities as your emotional response to them is just as important as their mechanical response to you.


SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is a comprehensive engineering program that has shaped the new generation of Mazda vehicles. SKYACTIV represents significant gains in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction while keeping the Zoom-Zoom performance that’s in our DNA.At Mazda, we are dedicated to manufacturing cars that make driving matter – cars that inspire, excite and bring joy. We do this creating integrated control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body to enhance the feeling of connectedness between the car and the drive – Jinba – Ittai. 

This instilled sense of harmony and confidence heightens your state of being through an elevated driving experience.


i-ACTIVSENSE is a suite of revolutionary technologies that make our cars smart and safe. We’ve created detection devices in milliwave radars and cameras to help recognise hazards and avoid collisions.Active Safety Technology helps the driver prevent accidents by supporting his or her ability to predict and avoid hazards through visual and auditory alerts.

Pre-Collision Safety Technology helps reduce the severity of a collision when one becomes unavoidable.

*I-ACTIVSENSE Safety Features available in select models for our market. 


Nasharee Clarke-Linton

Just thought I’d take a moment to say Thank you , we really appreciate the service & hospitality from the Executive Motors Team.

Dr. Colin Abel

I bought my first Mazda in 1996 and a second Mazda in 2002. The service given by Executive Motors is excellent and that inspired me to buy another Mazda in 2009, 2014 and 2016. We presently own three (3) Mazda vehicles and all are serviced by Executive Motors. We enjoy the service and respect that we have received from Executive Motors over the years and unreservedly recommend Mazda and Executive Motors for reliability, consistency, good performance and finesse.

Jewel Spencer

I have been associated with Executive Motors and the Mazda brand since 2006 when I purchased my Mazda3 motor car. The experience has been very good and the service received from Executive Motors is excellent. They go beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of their customers.

Ina Lawrence

In September 2007, I became a customer at Executive Motors Limited when I bought a 2007 Mazda3. Throughout 9 ½ years I have always gotten service reminder calls and to date I continue to enjoy very good treatment by Executive Motors. The standard of service makes me feel like an adopted family member. Birthday, Christmas and Easter there is always my token – cards, Easter bun, chocolate, and Christmas luncheon. How much more would I expect as a customer?

Judy Jones

In September 2006, I purchased my 2007 Mazda3 Sedan and have no regrets for 10 ½ years. My car has been very faithful to me. The Mazda3 will forever be my vehicle of choice because it’s reliable, comfortable and gives an enjoyable ride. Executive Motors has a team of competent, efficient and reliable staff that is keen on satisfying their customers' needs. Any imperfections of services were short-lived and outweighed by the speedy attention that I'm always given and with the smiles of a courteous staff. Keep up the good work.  

Xavier Allen


have purchased 2 Mazda BT50 pickups from Executive Motors. In 2008 I purchased my first and based on the service received from the sales side, but more importantly from the service team, especially Ms. Brown, I decided to come back in 2013 when I wanted to upgrade to the newer model. I must say that I continue to get excellent after sales service from the team and have developed a good bond and would recommend them to anyone considering a new vehicle. As for my pickup “she” continues to add tremendous value to all areas of my life, whether during the week for business and or the weekend for my do it yourself projects or rural adventures. The only area of concern I have at this time is the availability of non-routine parts and or lead time to access same when required.

Marcus Brober

My experience with Executive Motors has been professional, courteous and overall positive. I have enjoyed driving my Mazda6 and have no regrets regarding its purchase. More than anything else, Executive Motors has proven to be a trustworthy car dealership as I have never felt that I have been burdened with unnecessary servicing and maintenance fees.

Michael Tucker


I researched and found very good reviews from all the people who owned Mazda vehicles. On a first test drive I was satisfied with the comfort, suspension and creature comforts of the Mazda6 and purchased a 2008 model. It has been reliable, fuel efficient and seldom needs a part. I would buy another without hesitation. The service offered at Executive Motors has been excellent consistently and I am a very satisfied client.  

Diane Griffin-Arnold


I bought a new Mazda6 from Executive Motors in 2007 and have always returned for all servicing. I’m very happy with the vehicle and Executive Motors for the professionalism with which they have handled any minor issues. During the ten years, I have enjoyed outstanding customer service and thank them for their courtesies, promptness and for always making me feel they have my interest at heart.  

Hon. R.N.A. Henriques, Q.C.

Over the years, Executive Motors Limited has supplied me with four (4) Mazda6 vehicles with which I have been extremely satisfied. It has been my pleasure to have my cars serviced at their service intervals. At no time have I ever been dissatisfied with the maintenance services. On no occasion has there been an unavailability of parts. Customer service has been excellent. The fuel economy on all my cars has been good. The cars are very comfortable and I have never had any problems whatsoever. It is my opinion Mazda cars are great value for the money. Keep it up Executive.  

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Passion to Serve

We are committed to offering Mazda vehicles that provide our customers with uncompromised comfort, reliability and efficiency so that they can enjoy unmatched driving pleasure.

But it does not stop there, we build lifetime client relationships by providing after-sales follow up, conveniently available genuine Mazda parts and trusted servicing by our well-trained team of technicians.


Uncompromised Excellence

We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction in all areas of our business through our passion, continuous creativity and the development and operation of an excellent dealership and service centre.


Executive Motors with its team members are guided every day by a set of values that serve as the foundation for how we operate.

Passion for Excellence

  • To be the best, all the time.


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  • We are professional, ethical, honest and accountable.


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