Mazda BT-50, Built to Secure Jamaica

Wigton Windfarm Ltd. has donated two (2) Mazda BT-50 pickups to the Cross Keys Police Station in Manchester, Jamaica.

The Cross Keys Police Station serves 22 communities and about 4,000 residents in the Machester Police Division and has been without a reliable motor vehicle for quite a while. Wigton saw this crucial need of both the Police Force and the citizens of the communities and made the very generous donation of two pickup trucks. The BT-50 was the ideal choice for the officers to take on the hilly terrains of Mandeville as it is built to perform and certainly built to protect.

A brief ceremony was held at Wigton’s farm complex in Rose Hill, Manchester. The Head of Police for Area Three, Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers, expressed his gratitude to Wigton –

“The vehicles that have (been) procured for us… will certainly add value to the work that we do in this particular location, and may I dare say the entire parish. It is good to see a corporate company somehow solidifying their corporate governance role by giving back to the community. To me, that is priceless and it goes to show the respect that this company has for law enforcement. The provision of these vehicles will allow our law enforcement officers to serve with pride, respect and dignity,” he said.

We are very honoured that Mazda will be playing a part in the protection of Jamaica thanks to Wigton Windfarm Ltd. (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica)





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